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About the practice


Insight & Change is a counseling and psychology practice in Dallas and Colleyville. We work with adolescents, adults, and couples to address concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationships, and other emotional difficulties. Our psychologists have experience providing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy treatments. We take an empathic approach and work with clients to jointly create goals and solutions towards feeling better.

Psychology Today Profile

Robert Kinney, PhD

Dr. Kinney holds a doctorate in counseling psychology from Seton Hall University as well as a master’s in mental health and wellness from New York University. He is licensed to practice both counseling and psychology. Dr. Kinney’s focus on work with depression, anxiety, and couples arise from experiences in diverse settings. His previous work includes counseling services for adolescents and adults at Newark Public Schools, New York University’s Counseling and Wellness Center, Kings County Hospital Center, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of North Texas, Counseling and Testing Service. Dr. Kinney also has training and experience in couple therapy. He works with clients to increase communication and gain better understanding of relationship patterns. Outside of clinical practice Dr. Kinney teaches courses in theories of psychotherapy and fundamentals of clinical practice, lifespan development, abnormal psychology, and the history of psychology. As such, he values theories of psychology in guiding clinical work. He uses psychodynamic as well as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) oriented interventions. Psychology Today Profile

Psychology Today Profile

Radu Pop, PhD

Dr. Pop holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and a master’s degree in applied cognition and neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is licensed to practice psychology and has additional experience in adult and pediatric health psychology. His focus on the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders stems from his training and clinical work. Dr. Pop has previously provided psychological services at Children’s Health and Parkland Memorial Hospital (Dallas) to children, adolescents, and adults dealing with various medical and mental health concerns. His experience continues to inform his existing work with diverse clientele. When necessary, he works as part of your care team, communicating closely with medical professionals. Dr. Pop has extensive training and years of experience in the delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment approach. Dr. Pop also mentors and supervises psychology students who are in training to earn their doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Psychology Today Profile


Our Commitment

We help clients feel less alone, notice strengths, and improve relationships. If you have questions or would like to obtain more information, reach us at (469) 900-7310. We are happy to offer a free phone consultation. If not a good fit, our team can provide referrals for other professionals who may be a better match. Together, we’ll figure out what your unique needs are and how to help you get the most out of life.